What Is a Nutrition Club?

Nutrition Clubs provide a supportive community setting for people who wish to focus on good nutrition through the consumption of Herbalife® products. In a relaxed setting, such as a home, office or meeting room, Nutrition Club customers can talk about and enjoy Herbalife├é┬« products, such as Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, Herbal Tea Concentrate, Herbal Aloe beverages and more. Nutrition Clubs are not franchises, retail stores, outlets or restaurants.

The primary objective of the Nutrition Club is to provide balanced daily nutrition. Nutrition Club customers can visit a Club regularly during the Club's operating hours. By paying a membership fee that is set by the Club Operator, customers enjoy Herbalife® products, the benefit of Herbalife instructional materials about healthy eating and exercise, and ongoing support for their nutritional goals from the Club Operator and other customers. As they experience positive results over time, Nutrition Club customers can share those results in a friendly, social setting. They may also buy Herbalife® products for home use or decide to join Herbalife. The daily reinforcement of personal goals is what keeps customers coming back to the Nutrition Club.

Did you know?

Nutrition Club advertising and promotion to the general public is permitted, but limited to:
·Promoting services and activities that you offer such as: Weight Loss Challenges, Wellness Profiles, Fitness camps or classes and Wellness Presentations
·Providing the name of the Club and Club Operator
·Providing the Club phone number and the Club Operator's email address

Advertising restrictions include, but are not limited to:
·Address and hours of a Club may not be included on the advertisement
·TV or radio ads
·Outside signs, billboards, banners including chalkboards or sandwich boards with flavor menu

Why is this important?

Nutrition Clubs rely on word of mouth advertising. Referrals for a nutrition club are key to it's success. Love your experience at a nutrition club? Let others know it exists!